At Creighton University I regularly teach the lower-level courses Philosophical Ideas and Philosophical Ethics. Both are core curriculum requirements for all students regardless of major. I also regularly teach upper-level courses in areas that align with my research, such as Philosophy of LanguageEpistemology, and Phenomenology. Recently, I have begun teaching a course on Philosophical Concepts in Medicine for Creighton’s Medical School students. A statement of teaching philosophy is available here, and below is a complete list of the different courses I have previously taught at Creighton and elsewhere (more detailed information is available on my CV).

Philosophical Ideas: Knowledge, Reality, and the Good Life

Philosophical Ideas: Foundations of the Sciences

Philosophical Ethics


Philosophy of Language

Phenomenology: Science of Experience? (honors course)

Philosophy of Language and Legal Interpretation (directed study/ honors student research project)

Panpsychism and Neutral Monism (supervised, funded student research project)

Clinical Judgment: Philosophical Concepts in Medicine (Medical School seminar)

Culture of Collegiate Life (yearlong first-year advising course)

Modernity and Its Discontents I (interdisciplinary honors course)

Modernity and Its Discontents II (interdisciplinary honors course)

Introduction to Ethics

 Basic Problems in Philosophy 

Renaissance and Modern Philosophy

Introduction to Logic  

Introduction to Philosophy of Science 

Ways of Knowing

Faith and Philosophical Inquiry

Special Topics: Subjectivity, Objectivity, and Truth

Introduction to Social/Political Philosophy

Introduction to Philosophy